1. 'Our Prayer' by Dutch Surinamese artist Iris Kensmil

  2. 'Maroon man and woman from Suriname' (ca.1960). The photographer is unknown. This photo was part of the exhibition 'Maroon Culture: The Art of Surviving' at the Tropenmuseum in 2009.

    (via ed.nl)

  3. For a series on foreign religions, Teake Zuidema photographed a bonuman or winti shaman. Suitably attired, the man is eating the leaves of a plant which will give him extra strength during preparations for a curative ritual.

    'Portrait of a Surinamese Winti', photo by Teake Zuidema (1993)

    Via Stadsarchief Amsterdam

  4. Amsterdam Streets is a collective of photographers who document the ordinary, unique and candid moments of every day life in Amsterdam. 

    1. ‘Damrak’ by Pepijn Hooimeijer

    2. ‘Recht Boomsloot’ by Elmer van der Marel

    3. 'Damrak' by Marc Driessen

    4. ‘Damrak’ by Bart Koetsier

  5. Street style in the seventies (SRANAN/SURINAM 1975, Tropenmuseum)

  6. The archive of the Tropenmuseum is a wonderful visual garden. This photo represents a fascinating era in Dutch history. The hair, fashion and market (as location) speak volumes. It’s part of a series used as research material for the exhibition SURINAME/SRANAN in 1975.

  7. 'Augustinusschool' (1982) by photographer Robert de Hartogh

  8. 'Garveys Ghost', 2008

    'De Kom', 2012

    'The Merchant is Always A Stranger', 2011

    by Marcel van den Berg

  9. 'Hosselaer' by artist Farida Sedoc, 2013

  10. Groenburgwal, Amsterdam (1956) by photographer Ed van der Elsken for the Dutch Photo Museum